Journeys in Heartbreak – ???

Ok, so this is more of a question post than anything. How on earth do people deal with heartbreak? It’s a thing that happens to everyone, and to some people it happens quite a few times in their life.

Queen Elizabeth II said: “Grief is the price we must pay for love.” And I suppose this is true. But sometimes, while in the middle of heartbreak, this can seem like a very far-away truth.

I found this while perusing Book Mania! on tumblr, and it really struck me.

“The nicest thing I heard during the worst time in my life was this: ‘you have to suffer heartbreak so you know what to tell your daughter when she has her heart broken.’ I’m Alexa Chung and one day I’m going to have a daughter and I’m going to know what to say to her. I’m going to say:

‘Nobody goes through life without having their heart broken and one day you’ll wake up and it will be okay.’

I can’t fucking wait for that day to come.”

— Alexa ChungIt

This, I suppose, is one small positive thing to be taken from heartbreak, that while you are dealing with it you will grow in empathy and understanding, and you will be a stronger person for it.

But, in the here and now, when you are actually going through this stuff, it doesn’t really make anything better. So I’d really like to know. How do you deal with heartbreak? Does a way to deal with it even exist? Or is time really the only cure? (Are there some things even time can’t fix?)