FORTUNE’S PAWN! An unconventional post

This post is not in the usual format, and will be very brief, partly because I already posted today (death by bombardment of blog posts), and partly because what I want to say needs few words (Here goes):

Fortune’s Pawn (the what I can only assume will be brilliant new novel from Rachel Bach (it’s actually Rachel Aaron people, and you know how I feel about her!)) is coming out on the 5th November! Be excited! And to celebrate, she’s giving away loads of signed copies via a contest on her blog. So check it out, enter the contest (or even buy the book when it comes out using real money!), and get reading.


(Sorry for the over-enthusiastic use of brackets.) (Wow, there really are a lot of brackets in this post.) (Sincere apologies.)

Over and out.


One thought on “FORTUNE’S PAWN! An unconventional post

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